Turbografx-CD moves to Wii Virtual Console

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Turbografx-CD moves to Wii Virtual Console

Mahwah (NJ) – Hudson has announced that it will begin offering classic Turbografx-CD titles for the Wii, the first new console to be added to the Nintendo platform since it launched last year.

The Virtual Console currently includes downloadable games from the original NES, Super NES, and Nintendo 64 systems.  Sega also hopped on board with support for vintage Genesis titles, and Hudson has been offering titles from the Turbografx-16.  That list of consoles has remained unchanged over the past 10 months.

Hudson has now confirmed it will add titles from the short-lived sequel to the TG-16, the Turbografx-CD.  The platform will first be added to the Wii in Japan, with other regions to follow.

Five titles are on tap for 2007, and a total of 15 are planned for release by the end of next year.