KillaCycle inventor just has scrapes and cuts

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KillaCycle inventor just has scrapes and cuts

Los Angeles (CA) – KillaCycle inventor Bill Dube says he doing just fine after crashing his electric motorcycle at the Wired NextFest fair in Los Angeles California.  Dube had intended to do just a burnout – a smoking of the tires – but the tires caught on the pavement and he, along with the bike, were propelled forward at insane speeds.

During an interview yesterday, Dube told us that the bike’s uses powerful lithium-ion batteries made by A123 Systems.  We now have absolutely no doubt that those batteries do provide immense power.  You can see it for yourself as the bike accelerated forward… unfortunately Dube crashed into the front right quarter-panel of a minivan that had just pulled into his way.

Dube never intended to have any forward motion.  “I had not intended the bike to move in the soapy water, just spin the tire,” he says in his blog.  He adds that the bike doesn’t have any major damage and will be fixed soon.

As far as Dube, he’s out of the hospital and is “just a bit scraped up”.   You can read his blog entry at the KillaCycle website here.