Paypal glitch tells Ebay sellers to ship to someone else

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Paypal glitch tells Ebay sellers to ship to someone else

San Jose (CA) – A glitch in Paypal’s electronic auction payment service left some users receiving the goods from someone else’s auction.

According to Ebay’s official blog, a “recent glitch is causing a very small number of purchases to appear to sellers with the wrong ship-to information.”  The auction site did not post an official announcement because it said the number of impacted users was so small.

This could be a very critical problem for Paypal, as affected customers could receive negative feedback and be placed under Paypal review.  Paypal continues to be maligned from some for its inadequate fraud resolution mechanisms.

Ebay, which owns Paypal, said it fixed the problem last night, but also said there is an unrelated glitch that results in the same kind of error.

According to the blog, “There has been a very rare situation that impacts an infinitesimal number of transactions.  In these cases, though, the buyer doesn’t see the error at all on their end.”

Ebay claims this problem is more sophisticated and cannot be easily fixed.