BMW, 10tacle Studios launch ‘BMW M3 Challenge’ freeware game

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BMW, 10tacle Studios launch 'BMW M3 Challenge' freeware game

Frankfurt (Germany) – Not everyone of us may be able to afford one of BMW’s latest M3 sports cars. A newly released freeware game, however, allows car enthusiasts to take the M3 for a virtual drive – and participate in a racing series that promises real prizes.

The real deal packs 420 horses under the hood of an already fast coupe, which promises to challenge the performance capabilities of many exotic sports cars, but the next “ultimate driving machine” will also cost you somewhere in the range between $60,000 and $70,000.

Germany-based 10tacle Studios, Blimey Games and BMW promise a “authentic” simulated driving experience of the new M3 with a freeware game, which is currently offered as a 346.5 MB download (free of charge). There are four different playing modes, which provides players an opportunity to take the car out for a spin on Germany’s Nuerburgring; however, there is also a multiplayer racing series: 10tacle says there soon will be a “worldwide online competition” in which up to 1000 players will compete against eachother.  


According to the developer, the players will participate in more than 100 races according following the rules of a “shoot-out”, which allows the best drivers to continue in the series. The length of the races will vary between 5 and 25 rounds. A live finale will feature the 14 best drivers; 10tacle promises “exciting prizes” for the champion. A registration is required to participate in the multiplayer game.

You can download the game from 10tacle’s website.

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