VMware acquires virtualization tool maker Dunes Technologies

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VMware acquires virtualization tool maker Dunes Technologies

San Francisco (CA) – An announcement made today at VMworld 2007 brings with it the promise of a more complete virtualization experience.  VMware announced plans to buy Dunes Technologies, makers of orchestration software which makes management of large virtual machine installations much simpler.

The terms of the deal were not disclosed, but VMware has the acquisition is seen as a move toward providing better service for its customers.  Dunes Technologies’ software allows many hundreds of virtual machines to be manipulated by a single manager at a remote station.  By incorporating this ability, very large data centers could find VMware software deployment much more desirable for the distribution of their own required virtual machines.  The virtual machines themselves would still do the physical work of web hosting, database warehousing, or whatever, and this new toolset acquired by VMware would allow managers to manipulate those machines, migrate and modify them much more easily.

Dunes Technologies is based out of Lausanne, Switzerland.  Thecompany was founded in 2001 and its orchestration software can automate entire virtual machine lifecycles from initial creation to eventual retirement.  VMware claims this tool which will complement their own VMware Lab Manager software as well as their recently announced Virtual Desktop Manger.

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