Man invents machine that burns salt water

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Man invents machine that burns salt water

Pittsburgh (PA) – An Erie, Pennsylvania man has developed a generator that can supposedly burn salt water.  The invention promises almost unlimited energy from the most abundant material on earth, sea water.

John Kanzius initially developed his generator as a alternative form of radiation treatment for cancer.  He accidentally discovered that radio waves from his generator could weaken the chemical bonds in sea water and release hydrogen.  The generator then burns the hydrogen gas at almost 3000 degrees Fahrenheit.

An independent scientist, Rustum Roy of Penn State University, has confirmed the results and has replicated the burning at his university labs.  Roy told the Associated Press that the discovery is the most remarkable in water science in “100 years”.

Of course there is still much more work to be done and scientists have to figure out if the energy output from the burning is greater than the electrical input.  Undoubtedly, all the major oil companies have probably already dispatched heavily armed hit teams to Kanzius’ home.

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