Logitech intros notebook PC speakers, USB hub combo

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Logitech intros notebook PC speakers, USB hub combo

Fremont (CA) – Logitech today introduced a 2.1 speaker system for notebook computers that also incorporates a three-in-one USB hub.

Logitech’s AudioHub system is comprised of a three-chamber speaker set with integrated subwoofer for surround sound playback of digital audio.

Additionally, it contains three high-speed USB ports, powered by one USB output that plugs into the computer.  The system is designed to fit behind a notebook PC.  There is room under the base speaker to house USB cables.

An on-board mute button can cut the power to the speakers without affecting the USB hub.

The AudioHub will be available some time next month, according to Logitech, with a suggested retail price of around $100.


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