DirecTV drops HD channel for extra bandwidth

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DirecTV drops HD channel for extra bandwidth

El Segundo (CA) – Even though DirecTV claims it will be able to carry over 100 high definition channels, it needed to bump TNT HD Sunday for high-def football programming.

For several hours Sunday, DirecTV customers lost access to TNT HD to make room for broadcasts from NFL Sunday Ticket, reports industry watcher

DirecTV did not advise its customers of the service outage ahead of time, during the process, or afterwards.  Last year, DirecTV systematically blacked out an HD channel every week for the same reason. editor Philip Swann said he was offered $5 off his bill for the next three months, but only after he called customer service and passed on a rather pathetic offer.

“Of course, the Customer Service rep first offered me 33 cents to satisfy my complaint. Yes, that’s right. 33 cents. And then he laughed at me.  I then advised him that he might want to change his tune — immediately. He did and I got the $5 a month rebate for the next three months,” writes Swann.