Comcast subscribers lose service for "excessive" downloading

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Comcast subscribers lose service for "excessive" downloading

New York (NY) – Several customers in good standing with Comcast have found themselves without Internet service because, claims Comcast, they “abused” their unlimited Web access.

Comcast, which provides cable and high-speed Internet access, has pulled the plug on customers that download intensely high volumes of content, slowing down access for other customers.

Comcast spokesperson Charlie Dougles was quoted in an AFP story as saying the company was investigating “the problem of abusive activity that adversely impacts on everybody else’s experience.”

Douglas said the action to cancel someone’s account based on excessive downloading is “very rare”.  Media reports suggest that affected customers were downloading the equivalent of 1000 songs every day.

At least one customer, in a Washington DC suburb, has filed a complaint against Comcast, citing his service agreement that allows him to “unlimited Internet access”.

According to The Washington Post, affected users receive a notice from Comcast asking them to stop their excessive downloading.  If after a month they are still causing bandwidth problems for Comcast, the service provider will pull the plug on them.