Amazon looks more deeply at downloadable books

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Amazon looks more deeply at downloadable books

Seattle (WA) – Amazon has been on the move with its downloadable music and movies recently, and now it’s taking more steps with its e-book department.

According to Business Week, Amazon will begin selling its own brand of e-book reader.  Amazon’s “Kindle” will be able to “play back” downloaded books, and with a built-in Wi-Fi connection users will even have the ability to download books directly from the device.

“E-books” have been offered by specialty online outlets for a while, so it is certainly nothing new.

Amazon itself owns an e-book store, Mobipocket.  However, it does nothing to integrate the hundreds of e-books licensed by Mobipocket with the existing infrastructure at

Sony has a similar strategy with its own brand of e-book reader, and its own e-book store.  Sony offers around 18,000 digital books, along with a $300 e-book reader.  Business Week reports that Amazon’s Kindle device would probably be priced below that.  Amazon also has the leg up on content, with Mobipocket’s access to over 40,000 book titles.