LG announces second-gen HD DVD-Blu-ray player

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LG announces second-gen HD DVD-Blu-ray player

Berlin (Germany) – LG today made a rather unexpected move by announcing its second-generation Super Blu Player, which will be cheaper than its predecessor and add a few new features.

The new BH200 succeeds the BH100 and introduces interactive features for high-definition movie discs – BD-Java for Blu-ray and HDi technology for HD DVDs. Despite the added functionality, the price drops by $200, from $1199 to $999, which, however, may not be enough to attract many buyers.

With some patience, consumers can easily buy HD DVD players for around $250 and Blu-ray players for less than $400 – undercutting the LG BH200 by more than 33%.

The BH200 is expected to become available in the U.S. in mid-October.

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