Midway shoots out Stranglehold on Xbox 360

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Midway shoots out Stranglehold on Xbox 360

Chicago (IL) – Midway today launched the cinematic shooter game Stranglehold on the Xbox 360.

Stranglehold, making its multi-platform debut on Microsoft’s console, is marketed as a highly cinematic video game as it is a collaboration with action film director John Woo.

Midway has said it expects Stranglehold to be its top-selling game of the holiday season.  The game is available in both a standard $60 package as well as a collector’s edition for around $70.

In addition to a PC version on September 18, a Playstation 3 version of the game is also set to launch September 25.  A collector’s edition PS3 title will be especially noteworthy, as it contains both the game and a Blu-ray movie version of the John Woo film Hard Boiled, on one disc.


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