Minor firmware update quietly makes its way to PS3

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Minor firmware update quietly makes its way to PS3

Foster City (CA) – Increasingly commonplace for the Playstation 3, Sony has subtly fixed a couple problems in a new firmware update that barely made a blip on the company’s radar.

Sony released PS3 firmware version 1.92, fixing “PS3 compatibility and playability issues for select titles,” according to Sony’s senior PR manager Patrick Seybold.  That’s all that the US division of the company will say.

According to Sony’s Japanese site, though, version 1.92 touches on performance issues with the Playstation Store, as well as an update to the Playstation and PS2 compatibility engine.

The PS3 has seen over a dozen firmware updates in the past year, while the Xbox 360 has seen less than half of that.  The Wii has seen around five.

Sony has also been the most secretive about its updates.  While Microsoft and Nintendo make big announcements about new updates, users are often not even aware of a PS3 update until the console prompts them to download one.  In Sony’s official list of system updates, it fails to mention over half a dozen of the minor, technical updates.