Study says 10 minutes on cell phone can trigger cancer onset

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Study says 10 minutes on cell phone can trigger cancer onset

Rehovot (Israel) – A new study casts one of the most negative lights on cell phone usage, claiming that just 10 minutes of chatting can lead to cancer.

According to the study, performed by the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel, just minutes of the radiation exposure caused from cell phones can spark the cell division problems that lead to cancerous tumors.

The study exposed human cells to radiation of 875 megahertz, slightly less than the level most handsets emit.  Within 10 minutes, say researchers, the chemical signal indicative of tumor development process was active.

Though numerous studies have found actual links to cell phone use and brain tumors, the same connection has yet to be made to tumors that actually evolve into cancer.  There is also no concrete evidence to suggest that the actual mobile signals in and of themselves cause long-term health risks.

The Weizmann Institute is one of the most distinguished of its kind in the Middle East.  The cell phone study was not corporately sponsored but the institute has previously received money from Celera, a medical research company with some focus on diagnosing and treating cancer, as well as creating technologies that can pro-actively prevent the causes of cancer.