Philips introduces Tivo-like DVR

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Philips introduces Tivo-like DVR

Las Vegas (NV) – Philips plans to put another digital video recorder in the market, offering more features than most of its rivals.

One of Tivo’s defining features, Tivo Suggestions, is mirrored in the new Philips DVR.  It takes that concept and expands on it, though.  According to Philips, it has engineered technology that tracks preferences of each individual user instead of grouping all shows together.  It creates its own series of channels based on user preferences.

The Philips device will also be able to download videos from Youtube and other sites, as well as podcasts.  Tivo offers similar features, but content providers must create a specific agreement with the DVR service before users are able to download video from the providers.

Philips also plans to have a multi-faceted advertising strategy.  By tracking user preferences, advertisers will be able to target ads to people who match certain criteria.

The technology will initially be put to use in the form of a PC software application, and will later be embedded into a TV set-top box.