PS3’s Lair playable on PSP

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PS3's Lair playable on PSP

The newly released Playstation 3 game arrives with an unexpected feature – the ability to play it through a wireless connection on the portable PSP system.

When the PS3 is set to “Remote Play” mode, users can link their PSP to the system, showing them a mobile version of the PS3’s “Xross Media Bar”.  Previously, remote access has been limited to music and videos stores on the PS3 hard drive.

Now, however, Lair has shown that full-length PS3 games can be accessed from the portable system as well.

A posting on the semi-official Playstation blog Three Speech reads, “L.A.I.R. is the first PS3 title to be compatible with Remote Play on the PSP.”

According to reports, if the Lair game is inserted in the PS3 disc drive, the game shows up as playable on PSP Remote Play, meaning the game is streaming in real-time on the handheld device.

While the physical limitations of the PSP would seem to make this feature somewhat useless (the R2/L2 buttons, which control braking in Lair, are nowhere to be found on the PSP), it could be a notable in the application of downloadable Playstation Network games.  For example, classic arcade games with simple control schemes could be downloaded onto the PS3 and then accessible anywhere through an Internet-connected PSP.