Thai pilots collide with hanger on Airbus A380 test flight

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Thai pilots collide with hanger on Airbus A380 test flight

Bangkok (Thailand) – A brand new Airbus A380 collided with a hanger during a test flight by Thai Airways.  The accident happened on Saturday at Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi International Airport and slightly damaged the left wing tip.  Thai Airways fixed the damage just in time for the plane and its 150 VIP guests to take off to Hong Kong.

The Airbus hit a maintenance hangar entrance as it was taxing to the active runway.  Thai Airways officials initially blamed the plane’s large size for the crash, but company president, Apinan Sumanaserani, then told reporters the crash was caused by miscommunication between pilots and ground staff.

Thai Airways is currently testing out the plane and has ordered six Airbus A380s.  The company says commercial flights should start in 2010 with non-stop trips going from the cities in the USA to Bangkok.

In related Airbus news, an Australian businessman purchased the first pair of first-class tickets on Singapore Airlines maiden A380 flight from Singapore to Sydney.  He spent an amazing $100,000 dollars on the ONE-WAY (emphasis ours) tickets.  Singapore Airlines is auctioning off all the seats on the initial outbound and inbound flight and giving the proceeds to charity.