Casio intros 300-shots-per-second digital camera

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Casio intros 300-shots-per-second digital camera

Berlin (Germany) – Casio today unveiled a new digital still camera that can take as many as 300 shots per second.

Still just a prototype, the Casio camera has a 12x optical zoom and a 6.6 megapixel resolution.  When switched to its high-speed shooting mode, it can take up to 300 pictures per second.  However, the resolution is scaled back in this mode.  IDGNS reports that up to 60 shots can be taken every second at the full 6.6 megapixel resolution.

When in the continuous shooting mode, the images are played back as a movie file, with dozens of still shots spliced together.

The camera also includes a pre-shot feature that will capture images when the shutter button is slightly pressed, before the actual shot is taken.

Since it is still in prototype mode, Casio has no pricing or availability details.  High-powered photo snapping, however, is usually only found in very high-end professional cameras.