Venturer to launch HD DVD player for holiday season

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Venturer to launch HD DVD player for holiday season

Markham (ON) – Budget electronics manufacturer will bring out its first HD DVD player later this year.

Though the HD DVD format has seen lagging movie sales all year, it has always been the leader in price over the rival Blu-ray format.

Venturer’s move to bring out an HD DVD player strikes that point even more, as the Ontario, Canada-based manufacturer specializes in low-cost electronic equipment.  For example, Venturer’s DVD/VCR combo player sells for around $60, well below the price of similar products from other companies.

Though Venturer has not announced a price for its upcoming SHD7000 HD DVD player, it is expected to be even cheaper than Toshiba’s current low-priced HD-A2, which sells for around $250.  According to the press release, however, Venturer’s player may only support 1080i video output.  The release mentions nothing about 1080p support, which is the highest quality HD standard.

It does provide an Ethernet connection port, which is required for HD DVD certification and is used to unlock special Web-based features on next-gen titles.

No release date has been set, but Venturer says the SHD7000 will ship “in time for 2007 holiday sales”.