GPS navigation units favorite target of thieves

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GPS navigation units favorite target of thieves

Fairfield (CT) – In-car GPS navigation devices are becoming the favorite target of thieves.  In the past few months, nearly a dozen devices have been stolen from parked cars in Fairfield Connecticut.  Police say many GPS owners do try to hide their units by putting them in the glove box, but people often ignore the obvious.

According to the Connecticut Post, GPS owners often just hide the device by taking it off the cradle and popping it in the glove box or center console.  However, thieves still know there is a GPS unit in the car because of the cradle that is often left suction cupped to the dash or windshield.

From January to June, 11 people have reported their GPS units stolen.  In neighboring Monroe, five people have had their GPS nav devices stolen in the same time frame.

Police say the GPS devices can cost between $500 and $1000 and are easily modified and sold on the black market.

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