Best Buy suggests Xbox 360 Core unit with HDMI coming soon

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Best Buy suggests Xbox 360 Core unit with HDMI coming soon

Minneapolis (MN) – Best Buy has raised some eyebrows with a new listing on its website for an “Xbox 360 Core system w/ HDMI.”

On, the electronics retailer lists the new Core system at $350.  The product page shows no details, except a release date of September 1, 2007.

There are some discrepancies that make it seem more like a typo than a truly new version of the system.  First, the image shown on the product page is a picture of the Xbox 360 Pro box.

“It’s the Xbox 360 Core.  It’s a new product that will be available September 1,” a Best Buy representative told us.

However, Best Buy lists the SKU (stock keeping unit) number of the system as 8493838.  According to a report two weeks ago on gaming blog Joystiq, this is the SKU number that Best Buy uses for its Xbox 360 Pro consoles with HDMI.

On August 9, Microsoft announced it would begin adding HDMI connectivity to the Xbox 360 Pro.  According to Joystiq, the SKU is exclusive to Best Buy for the store to keep track of which Pro units have HDMI and which ones don’t.

On, the listing for the Xbox 360 Pro does not mention HDMI functionality and lists a different SKU.  So the curious new product page could just be a typo that is just a differentiation for the Xbox 360 Pro with HDMI.