Gran Turismo 5 cars getting dents – report

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Gran Turismo 5 cars getting dents - report

German technology website heise online is reporting that the next installment of Gran Turismo 5 will finally include cars that will display damages. The publication wrote that Kazunori Yamauchi, who heads up Polyphony Digital, developer of the Gran Turismo series, noted that hitting opponents or objects on the side of the street will have a visible impact on a car.

According to heise online, Gran Turismo Prologue will feature five tracks and 40 cars, which are rendered in high dynamic range with up top 200,000 polygons. The game will run in 1080p at 60 frames per second. The photo-realistic cars apparently will have slight imperfections on edges of cars, where pixels will be visible due to the high resolution of the game.

Yamauchi also noted that Polyphony has removed the rather extensive license acquisition phase of the game, which was required for players to play in most of the races of the game. Instead, players will have to unlock licenses for cars and tracks by completing races. The game will also feature different weather conditions, including rain.

According to heise online, GT5 will debut sometime in 2008.