Warner exec in charge of high definition DVDs steps down

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Warner exec in charge of high definition DVDs steps down

Burbank (CA) – Senior VP at Warner Home Video Steve Nickerson announced that he will step down, relinquishing his position as the highest profile movie studio executive who still supported both Blu-ray and HD DVD.

The Hollywood Reporter reports that Nickerson is leaving his post at Warner to pursue other plans.  With Paramount’s eyebrow-raising announcement to back HD DVD exclusively earlier this week, Warner is now the only major studio supporting both high def formats.

In 2006, Nickerson essentially became the spokesperson for Warner’s HD DVD and Blu-ray division, addressing numerous trade shows and conferences talking about the benefits of supporting both HD video platforms.

Nickerson did not announce what his future plans are, saying only, “While it’s hard to leave a company like Warner Bros., I have appreciated the opportunities that I have been given here and, especially, the chance to work with so many great people.”


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