Bank robbers now face GPS trackers along with dye packs

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Bank robbers now face GPS trackers along with dye packs

New Haven (CT) – Bank robbers can run, but they can’t hide because banks are now inserting GPS tracking devices into stolen bags of money.  Much like LoJack for cars, the devices give off a signal and help police home in on the money and the crooks.

Traditionally, bank tellers have put dye packs into money bags.  The packs explode bright red paint onto the money and hopefully the crook.  Now in some high risk areas, expensive GPS trackers are also being placed into bags.

Already the trackers have helped police catch a female bank robber within minutes after she robbed a bank branch in Super Stop & Shop in New Haven Connecticut.  Another female bank robber in Connecticut (what’s with all the female bank robbers these days?) actually got away after she found the tracker and threw it in the sewer.  I feel sorry for whoever had to retrieve that device.

Read more … New Haven Register.


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