Microsoft introduces customizable LCD gaming mouse

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Microsoft introduces customizable LCD gaming mouse

Leipzig (Germany) – Microsoft today announced an update to its Sidewinder line of gaming mouses with a new set that includes customizable controls and a LCD.

Announced at the Leipzig Games Convention in Germany, the new Sidewinder model delivers numerous updates over previous versions.  Among the new features are a wider scroll wheel, two vertical side buttons, and a built-in macro that lets players more easily search their in-game surroundings in the middle of a quest or battle.

Additionally, the new Sidewinder has a built-in LCD screen.  Claiming it is the first to do so, Microsoft says the screen can be used for programming macros and viewing mouse settings.

It also comes with four small weights and three sets of feet so gamers can customize the weight and glide control of the mouse.

Another addition is the “quick launch” button on the mouse, which will automatically bring up Windows Vista Games Explorer, which organizes games stored on the user’s computer.

Although the Sidewinder name first appeared in 1995, Microsoft says the new project marks its first gaming mouse created in-house from the ground up.

The new Sidewinder is set for availability in October and will sell at a suggested retail price of around $80.


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