Playstation 3 [email protected] client updated for PSP support

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Playstation 3 [email protected] client updated for PSP support

Foster City (CA) – Sony and Stanford have updated the Playstation 3’s [email protected] client, adding among other things connectivity with the PSP.

The new client for PS3’s [email protected] program, which lets Stanford University borrow the console’s computing power when idle for medical research, includes a “totally revised” rendering engine and more sophisticated display format, writes Sony R&D manager Noam Rimon on the official Playstation Blog.

According to Rimon, the new display format is “closer to the imagery you find in biology textbooks.”

Also in the update is an unexpected support for the PSP.  When connected to the PS3 through PSP Remote Play, the portable console can fully control the user interface so users can essentially carry the Cell processor-powered application with them wherever they go.  The PSP itself does not lend any computing power to the project.

According to Sony, more than 250,000 PS3 systems are signed up for the [email protected] program, amounting to an aggregate of 400 teraflops of computing power.


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