Sun cuts power consumption of its Santa Clara datacenter by 77%

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Sun cuts power consumption of its Santa Clara datacenter by 77%

Santa Clara (CA) – Going green is a big trend in the computer industry these days and Sun has just completed a project that showcases how much power a modern datacenter can save over an installation that is a few years old.

The company said that it has revamped three datacenters in Santa Clara, in Blackwater (UK) and Bangalore (India), all of which are using substantially less power than a few months ago.

The size of the most extensive of the three, the Santa Clara datacenter, was reduced from 202,000 square feet to 76,000 square feet; the number of server racks was reduced from 550 to 65, while the number of servers went from 3200 to 1015. According to Sun, the new data center consumes about 500 KW (including supporting technologies such as cooling and storage systems), down from 2.2 MW of the old version. Sun believes that its annual electricity cost will fall by about $1.1 million, from $1.89 million to about $739,000 as a direct result of the enhancements in power efficiency.

Sun claims that there was no loss in performance provided by the data center, in fact, the firm said that the new system, which is based on T1000 and T2000 servers is about 450% faster than the old datacenter.

All three datacenters combined will allow CO2 output caused by Sun to be reduced by 4100 tons every year, Sun claims.

The result the company has achieved with its more power-efficient datacenters apparently has convinced executives to offer others Sun’s advice when planning and installing a new data center. The company said that it will be offering assessments, optimization and virtualization consulting services, with prices starting at $10,000 for an assessment of a data center with a size of up to 5000 square feet.

If required, Sun said it will redesign and install a complete datacenter with all required components – including airflow design and air conditioning technologies. Sun told us that the company will work together with experts in these fields to provide those services to customers.