Google launches embedded mapping applet

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Google launches embedded mapping applet

Mountain View (CA) – Google announced today that it has launched a new embedded HTML code for Google Maps, allowing users to add a map to their website with a simple copy-and-paste code.

When users search for a location on Google Maps, a new option now appears – “link to this page”.  This generates an HTML code that can be implanted on any website, much like the embedded codes offered by Myspace and Google’s YouTube.

Many websites already use features offered by Google Maps.  Individuals could embed a code into their site that sent viewers to a Google Maps search with the location data pre-filled, and more advanced Web developers could use an API key and embed the service on their page through a proprietary Java Script code.

The new feature makes it much easier for all users to implement a Google Maps interactive applet in the middle of any web page.  The code allows users to zoom, scroll, and change view modes directly from the embedded map, features that were previously only available if the user was actually at

The map embedding feature has been rolled out simultaneously in over a dozen countries, including the US.