Intel drops "Multiply" marketing campaign

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Intel drops "Multiply" marketing campaign

Intel said that it has discontinued its “Multiply” marketing campaign that was introduced to highlight multitasking with Core 2 Duo processors. Apparently, “Multiply” did not deliver the message Intel had hoped for, as the company found that consumer do not “necessarily credit the processor for the benefits [shown in these ads].”

The “Chips” campaign will be replacing “Multiply” and focus on the processor as the “heart of the computer”. The new campaign aims to convince potential customers that “in order to get a great computer, they need to purchase the best Intel processor.” It appears that Intel will be providing much more information than just product specs and the common “benefits” within the new campaign: The firm said that it will also be publishing product reviews and links to sites where people can purchase reviewed devices.

At least internally and in communication with employees, Intel said that “Multiply was not a failure.” While the campaign injected more emotion into Intel’s brand, the company said that it did not result in a motivation to actually purchase a Core 2 Duo processor or a Core 2 Duo-based system as a result of these ads.