Vizio becomes leading LCD TV company in the U.S.

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Vizio becomes leading LCD TV company in the U.S.

El Segundo (CA) – Within less than five years of its founding, Vizio has become the largest supplier of LCD TVs in the U.S., outshipping its closest competitor, Samsung, by 130,000 units in Q2.

Vizio made headlines over the last year especially with LCD TVs that were significantly lower priced than similar models from its rivals and you may have seen the firm’s TVs more frequently at retail outlets such as Costco, Sam’s Club and Wal-Mart. But the fact that Vizio was able to surpass all major LCD TV manufacturers in terms of unit shipments in Q2 may still come as a surprise to some of us.

According to shipment estimates published by iSuppli, Vizio shipped 606,402 LCD TVs during Q2 – 14.5% of the estimated total of 4.2 million LCD TVs that left factories during the quarter. The market research firm said that Vizio outshipped Samsung, listed as #2 in the ranking, by 27%: Samsung shipped 476,210 LCD TVs during the quarter.

Vizio’s annual shipment growth was an impressive 76% over Q2 2006, when the company shipped 343,704 LCD TVs and was listed as the fifth largest LCD TV supplier in the U.S. Since then, Vizio has also passed Sony (which shipped 263,377 LCD TVs in Q2 2007), Philips (346,108) and Sharp (431,171).

Among the top 5, only Philips and Sony faced declining year-over-year sales of LCD TVs. Philips was down 17% from 421,000 and Sony was down 43% from 412,000 units in Q2 2006.

The list of the nine largest LCD TV suppliers in the U.S., which account for 73% of all PCs sold on these shores, is complemented by Sharp in #3, Philips in #4, LG in #5, Sony in #6, Syntax-Brillian in #7, Westinghouse in #8 and Panasonic in #9.