40,000 MP3 files in your pocket

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40,000 MP3 files in your pocket

San Jose (CA) – Samsung is getting more aggressive in the hard drive market: The company today announced a new 160 GB drive in a 1.8″ form factor – which is often used in compact notebooks and some portable audio and video players such as the video iPod.

According to the manufacturer, the 4200 rpm Spinpoint N2 drive is targeting mainly consumer applications such as portable media players and hard drive-based camcorders (which typically top out at 60 GB today). The 2-disk, 160 GB drive has enough room to carry about 40,000 MP3 files or about 100 HD movies.

Samsung did not say when the new drives will be available and how much they will cost.

The hard drive industry is on fire these days, answering the apparent competition from flash-based solid state disk (SSD) drives, which are expected to hit capacities of 128 GB this year. Samsung is one of the key drivers in the SSD segment, but is becoming a more visible player in the hard drive market as well.