Ford fuel cell car sets 207 MPH speed record

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Ford fuel cell car sets 207 MPH speed record

Wendover (UT) – Ford and fuel cells usually don’t belong in the same sentence, but a team of Ford and Ohio State University engineers showed the world that they are serious about fuel cells by shattering a land speed record on Wednesday.  At the Bonneville Salt Flats in Wendover Utah, the group pushed their Ford Fusion Hydrogen 999 production race car to more than 207 miles per hour.

The Hydrogen 999, like its name suggests, was powered by hydrogen fuels, specifically 400 kilowatt capacity cells from Ballard Power Systems.  Ohio State students worked closely with Ford engineers to build the car and the university will use much of the technology for its Buckeye Bullet 2 fuel cell car which will attempt 300+ miles per hour in the coming months.

Ohio State is known for building insanely fast electric cars.  Back in 2004, they shattered the land speed record for electric cars by hitting 314 miles per hour in their Buckeye Bullet BB1.  That car used an electric motor powered by 12000 nickel-metal hydride batteries – yes the same batteries you buy at the local store.