Motorola preps fixed wireless office phone

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Motorola preps fixed wireless office phone

Chicago (IL) – The FCC has approved a new office phone from Motorola that works in combination with wireless networks and does require access to a landline.


The new FX-805P looks pretty much like any boring office phone these days and even comes with a monochrome display and a corded handset. However, the device is designed to connect to 800 MHz CDMA 1x networks via a UIM card to enable users to be independent from the availability of landlines.

While the device looks like as yet another step in an ongoing trend where more and more users drop their traditional landline in favor of a cellphone, it appears that Miami, Florida-based Brightstar will be distributing device. Brightstar has been in the fixed wireless market since 2001 and sells these devices especially into emerging markets where landlines may not be readily available, including India, Africa and parts of Latin America.

The FX-805P offers the feature set of a basic cellphone, which covers speed dialing, a choice of ringtones, a calculator, phone book, call history as well as a capability to receive and send SMS messages.

Information on price and availability were not available.

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