Logitech introduces new high-end iPod speaker system

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Logitech introduces new high-end iPod speaker system

Fremont (CA) – Logitech’s latest holiday offering for 2007 will be an iPod sound system with high definition tweeters controlled by motion sensitive technology.

The Pure-Fi Dream Premium Bedroom Music System includes an AM/FM radio, dual alarm setting, and of course an iPod dock.  Logitech describes the system as the company’s “most sophisticated design” to date.

It includes soft-dome HD tweeters that are only 0.75 inches high, and three inch long-throw woofers.  This hardware, combined with Logitech’s proprietary StereoXL technology gives it a wide, surround sound-esque audio output.

The other part of the Pure-Fi Dream is its motion sensitive controls.  The system’s backlighting will be automatically activated when users wave their hand over the controls.  This makes for a less aggravating snooze functionality, letting users just move their hand in the direction of the speakers instead of hitting a specific button.

Users can store six iPod playlists and preset six AM and 12 FM stations in the system.  As an officially certified iPod accessory, it will charge the player while in the dock.

The sound system is planned for a November release, and it will carry an MSRP of around $250.


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