MySpace page leads to convicted robber’s arrest

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MySpace page leads to convicted robber’s arrest

Ossipee (NH) – A convicted robber was arrested recently because police discovered pictures of him posing with weapons on his MySpace page.  19-year-old Brice Chase was convicted of burglary and accomplice to armed robbery back in February 2006.  He was released on parole and was told to keep away from firearms, drugs and booze.

On MySpace, Brice brazenly posted a picture of himself posing with two swords and a handgun.  New Hampshire law states that it is a felony for any convicted felon to own, posses or control any firearm.

But Brice’s troubles don’t end there, because he also talked about his drug preferences along with his drinking habits in his profile page.  Brice now will have to face a judge on additional charges along with the revocation of his parole.