HP faces lawsuit from reporters over spying incident

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HP faces lawsuit from reporters over spying incident

Los Angeles (CA) – The legal saga over HP’s boardroom spying scandal has just begun a new chapter, as several reporters targeted by HP have filed a lawsuit.

About a year ago, HP became concerned when boardroom secrets were making their way to newspapers and online publications.  In an effort to track down who was leaking the information, HP initiated a multi-faceted surveillance procedure.

Part of this included spying on journalists and reporters by immorally obtaining their private telephone records, to see who had been talking with HP board members.  HP also allegedly spied on reporters suspected of being connected to the leaked info.

When this information became public, it was a public relations nightmare, leading to the ousting of HP chairman Patricia Dunn and a multi-day hearing in front of Congress.

A group of reporters has filed lawsuits against Patricia Dunn, former HP ethics chief Kevin Hunsaker, and HP itself.  The case is being handled by Panish, Shea and Boyle, a Los Angeles law firm representing the plaintiffs.

HP said it attempted to settle with the reporters but they refused.  “In an attempt to resolve this matter short of litigation, HP made a substantial settlement offer to the reporters, their family members and a charity of their choice. Unfortunately, rather than respond to the offer, they have decided to sue,” said the company.

The reporters claim HP violated their privacy and caused them emotional distress.  They are seeking unspecified monetary damages.

HP has already paid more than $14.5 million to settle other civil cases brought against the company over this issue last year.