Helio pumps out thinnest phone in the U.S.

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Helio pumps out thinnest phone in the U.S.

Los Angeles (CA) – Helio’s latest phone, the “Fin”, measures only 0.45 inches thick and still manages to pack in a three megapixel camera and 100 MB of internal memory.

See images of all Helio phones and features The super slim phone, manufactured by Samsung, has a 2.3 inch screen and a microSD card slot as well.  The Bluetooth-enabled phone has GPS capability, a built-in HTML browser, and connectivity to a 3G EVDO network.

Helio, a joint venture between SK Telecom and Earthlink, is known as an MVNO (mobile virtual network operator), which means users purchase their service plans and phone directly through Helio.  Helio then offers its own array of mobile services but leases the actual wireless frequency spectrum from Sprint.

Helio’s services include an exclusive music and movie player, advanced messaging features that show all forms of communication in one centralized menu, and integration with websites like Youtube and Myspace.  It also has a big focus on mobile video games, offering compatibility with some of the most graphically intense titles.

Helio made its first big wave with the Ocean phone, which came out in May as the first dual-sliding phone to have both a numeric keypad and full Qwerty keyboard.  The company has gone for an out-of-the-ordinary marketing campaign, offering the phones through non-traditional retailers like EB Games and Gamestop.

The Fin is available now for a “new customer with service activation” price of $175.


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