Liverpool Philharmonic to perform live in Second Life

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Liverpool Philharmonic to perform live in Second Life

Liverpool (UK) – For the first time, a professional orchestra will make a live performance to a virtual audience in the world of Second Life.

The Liverpool Philharmonic will perform in a virtual representation of the band’s home venue in the United Kingdom.  The 3D auditorium will open its doors to people from around the world, complete with refreshment stands, restrooms, and a full room of theater-style seating.

Over nine million virtual people make up the world of Second Life, according to the PC game’s corporate owner Linden Lab.  It has created a pop culture mayhem for both individual users and big corporations.

Dell, Sun Microsystems, IBM, and others have set up virtual real estate in Second Life.  The government has even stepped in with a virtual kiosk for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and the Swedish Embassy.

Things have quieted down for the online world over the past several months, however.  The announcement from the Liverpool group comes after several companies, which were paying for premium space in Second Life, withdrew from the virtual community.  The concert will be held on September 14 with conductor Vasily Petrenko.  Afterwards, users will be able to enter a chat with Petrenko.

Tickets for the Liverpool Philharmonic will be offered in a free promotion at the orchestra’s website (