Xbox Live user tally reaches seven million

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Xbox Live user tally reaches seven million

Redmond (WA) – Over seven million Xbox Live accounts have been created, accounting for nearly 70% of all Xbox 360 consoles.

At a press event this week, Microsoft talked about Xbox Live statistics, revealing that there are currently more than 7.1 million active Xbox Live users, reports

That’s about three million more than the total number of Playstation 3 consoles that have been sold to date.  It also accounts for almost 70% of Xbox 360 units worldwide.

Microsoft also announced that users have downloaded over 25 million pieces of content, including game trailers, movies, TV shows, and downloadable arcade titles.  In fact, on average, every user has purchased around six Xbox Live Arcade titles, says Microsoft.

It was just five months ago, in March, that Microsoft announced that it had reached the milestone of six million Xbox Live users.