OCZ offers water-cooled DDR3-12800 memory

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OCZ offers water-cooled DDR3-12800 memory

Sunnyvale (CA) – OCZ expands its enthusiast memory on the very high-end with a 1600 MHz DDR3 version of its FlexXLC series of devices.


The memory, called PC3-12800 FlexXLC, is marketed as OCZ’s flagship memory device for computer systems that support DDR3 modules. As previously released Flex XLC devices, the new memory also enables users to apply passive air or water cooling through a ” liquid injection system”.

According to OCZ the memory runs at 1600 MHz at 6-6-6-18 timings.

Pricing has not been announced, but a price that should have a major impact on any enthusiast system should not come as a surprise. OCZ’s regular (“Platinum”) enthusiast DDR3-12800 modules currently retail in the $650 – $700 range and with FlexXLC modules typically commanding a $50-$100 premium over the standard enthusiast memory, the devices should cost somewhere between $750 and $850 for a 2 x 1 GB kit.

OCZ will be offering the PC3-12800 FlexXLC only in 2 x 1 GB kits.

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