Xbox 360 Rock Band bundle reportedly priced at $200

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Xbox 360 Rock Band bundle reportedly priced at $200

Los Angeles (CA) – MTV’s ambitious music game Rock Band will be the most expensive Xbox 360 title to date, according to GamePro magazine.

GamePro reports that it has confirmed from Microsoft that the full game bundle, which includes the software, guitar controller, drum controller, and microphone, will carry a list price of $200, over half the price of the Xbox 360 Pro console.  That’s more than any single-title bundle on Microsoft’s 21-month-old console.

Rock Band, created by music game giant Harmonix and set to be distributed under the MTV Games brand, aims to take the success of games like Guitar Hero and Karaoke Revolution and meld them into one giant game.

With a broadband connection, users will be able to form their own bands with people from around the world, in addition to having a multiplayer mode for bands to rock out under one roof.

The game will also be coming out for the Playstation 3, though no confirmed price has been mentioned for the PS3 version.  EB Games lists unconfirmed bundle prices for both platforms at $200.

The game by itself is expected to be priced at around $60, with early speculative pricing on standalone controllers set at $60 – $80 for the guitar, $80 for the drums, and $30 for the microphone.