Hitachi develops 360 degree display technology

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Hitachi develops 360 degree display technology

Tokyo (Japan) – Hitachi has developed a new technology that can take a static object and turn it into a hologram-esque moving 3D image.

The “stereoscopic vision display” apparently takes an image from several difference angles directions and replicates the image in a three dimensional view.

The technology is similar in concept to a device Hitachi introduced in 2004, which takes real-time pictures of 24 different angles of an object to be able to project it in a holographic style as if the 3D image was floating in space.  This was possible through the projection of the image onto a fastly spinning screen.

The new technology does not use a moving screen, however, and can project the 3D image onto an LCD screen.  Through the use of mirrors, it gives the it a 3D look and feel as the artificially replicated image spins around.

Hitachi says the technology is mainly for educational and experimental purposes now, and it hopes to bring it to places like schools, museums, etc.


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