Apple Boot Camp runs to version 1.4

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Apple Boot Camp runs to version 1.4

Cupertino (CA) – Right on the heels of the debut of its new iMac line, Apple has updated the software that lets users run Windows on their Mac machines.

Additional features in the new version include Apple Remote pairing and a more user-friendly Boot Camp driver installation.  In addition, minor tweaks have been added for international keyboard support and other localization issues.

The most noted improvement is support for keyboard backlighting on the MacBook Pro.  Additionally, the Windows Help for Boot Camp module has been updated to reflect the changes, as well as changes to existing help pages.

Boot Camp is available on all Intel-based Mac computers, and it allows users to install Windows XP or Windows Vista (32-bit) as a second operating system to run alongside Mac OS.

Apple released a new line of iMacs on Tuesday, with Intel Core 2 Duo processors of speeds of up to 2.4 GHz.

The software will come standard with Mac OS X 10.5, otherwise known as “Leopard”, when the final version of Boot Camp will be officially released.


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