World in Conflict hits gold status

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World in Conflict hits gold status

Los Angeles (CA) – Vivendi’s Sierra Entertainment announced today that the PC strategy game World in Conflict has gone gold, meaning development is complete and it’s ready to be mass produced.

World in Conflict combines action and strategy in a 3D environment to provide realistic warfare scenarios, says Sierra.  In addition to a single-player campaign, the game offers online mulitplayer for up to 16 players who can duke it out in head-to-head battles, including “domination”, “tug-of-war”, and “assault” modes.  It also feature voice-over IP support.

The title is most notable for its support of DX10 technology, allowing the most powerful graphics rendering available in the commercial market.  With 360-degree always-on camera manipulation, the game plans to be one of the most immersing war simulation experiences on the PC.

The game will be available September 18 for around $50, along with a special collector’s edition for $10 more.  The collector’s edition includes a bonus DVD from The History Channel about the Cold War, the battle of topic in World in Conflict, along with behind-the-scenes footage of the making of the PC game.


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