Xbox 360 Pro gets new HDMI port

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Xbox 360 Pro gets new HDMI port

Redmond (WA) – Along with a cheaper price, customers who purchase a new Xbox 360 Pro will get to make use of a newly implanted HDMI port, previously exclusive to the top tier Xbox 360 Elite.

Microsoft has begun shipping the new version of the $350 console to retailers.  Customers will be able to differentiate the new console from older stock by an HDMI logo printed on the Xbox 360 box.

“Retailers are gradually introducing HDMI-enabled Xbox 360s into the channel to meet demand,” said a Microsoft representative, according to Gamespot.

When it launched in November 2005, the Xbox 360’s only high definition output capability was through component video cables.  Since then, HDMI (high definition multimedia interface) technology has grown in popularity among HD enthusiasts for its combined audio/video functionality and its ability to produce the highest video output, 1080p.  HDMI first came to the Microsoft console with the addition of the Xbox 360 Elite, a third console SKU (stock keeping unit) with a larger hard drive than previous versions of the system, along with an HDMI port.

The addition of more sophisticated hardware comes almost immediately after Microsoft lowered the price of the console by $50.  In 2005 the software giant was reportedly losing more than $125 per console but has continuously worked on bringing its manufacturing cost down.