Nintendo reportedly updates Wii strap again

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Nintendo reportedly updates Wii strap again

Redmond (WA) – Preventing the risk of future problems with the Wii strap, Nintendo has reportedly made it even more secure.

Late last year, active gamers made headlines when it was shown that swinging around the Wii Remote could cause the strap to became detached, causing the controller to fly out of the user’s hand.  Plagued with possible lawsuits, Nintendo introduced a voluntary recall program for users to receive a new, more durable strap.

CVG Online reports that Nintendo has upped the strap safety again, and has begun shipping more secure fastenings with new controllers and consoles.

The new strap has a plastic clip that locks into place around the user’s wrist, lessening the chance that the Wii Remote could fall off.

There was no recall announced in tandem with the new strap.  Owners of the original Wii Remotes, which were manufactured during November and December 2006, can still request a strap replacement from Nintendo.