Nokia dominates cellphone market

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Nokia dominates cellphone market

Framingham (MA) – The numbers for the cellphone market in Q2 are in: Nokia is leading the industry with shipments of more than 1.1 million phones per day, Motorola continues to struggle and Apple has not made a visible dent in the market yet, according to a report released by IDC today.

Despite all the frenzy surrounding Apple’s iPhone launch, traditional vendors are controlling the big numbers in the cellphone market – and that scenario isn’t likely to change anytime soon. Apple only had two days in Q2 to sell its iPhone and apparently managed to ship around 270,000 units in this time frame. But even if Apple will achieve its goal to sell 10 million iPhones in its 2008 fiscal year, it is Nokia that is dominating the iPhone’s market segment for now: According to IDC, Nokia shipped 13.9 million converged devices in Q2 alone.

Overall, the cellphone market continues to boom and even in the traditionally slower Q2, about 272.9 million phones were shipped, representing a 16.2% gain for the industry year-over-year. 37% of all phones shipped, or 100.8 million, came from Nokia, which continues to have a tight grip on the global market. Nokia achieved a year-over-year shipment growth of 28.6%.

Samsung surpassed Motorola with shipments of 37.4 million units, up 48.4% from Q2 2006. Motorola, now in third, was the only vendor to record shipment declines: Unit numbers were down 31.6% to 35.5 million units. However, IDC noted that Motorola shipped its 100 millionth Razr phone during the quarter.

The top-5 list is completed with Sony Ericsson, which was able to achieve the strongest growth among the five largest cellphone manufacturers, with shipments gaining 58.6%  to 24.9 million units. LG remains in fifth: The company’s cellphone shipments increased by 27.3% and ended up at 19.1 million units.