New Timex watch doubles as iPod remote

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New Timex watch doubles as iPod remote

Middlebury (CT) – Timex today announced a new sports watch that can wirelessly communicate with a nearby iPod, allowing remote control of the digital music player.

The iControl watch, part of Timex’s Ironman line, can be programmed to sync with the user’s iPod.  The watch has specific iPod buttons, including play/pause, volume up/down, and skip forward/back.

The watch can also sync with an iPhone to offer the same functionality, but only if the cell phone transmitter is turned off.

With the Ironman distinction as well, the iControl watch has several running and training applications built in, including workout log, endurance training timers, and 50-lap memory recall.

Additionally, the watch has storage for three customizable alarm times for different days of the week, a countdown timer, and Indiglo backlighting.  Timex says its built-in battery has a life of three years.

Given an official seal of approval by Apple, the watch comes in different color choices of gray/black, pink/blue, and orange/green.  It is available now at an MSRP of $125.