Samsung working on workout phone with Adidas

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Samsung working on workout phone with Adidas

Suwon (South Korea) – Samsung has teamed up with sportswear company Adidas to create a new phone that keeps track of burned calories and the user’s heartbeat.

Online German publication Area Mobile reports that the pending Adidas phone will be able to keep track of calories burned from walking or jogging.  It will also reportedly have an audio player that will let users listen to their own heartbeat.

It sounds similar to the partnership set up between Nike and Apple last year.  The Nike + iPod package lets users wire themselves up with a special sensor in a Nike shoe that lets users track jogging sessions on their portable music player.

A Samsung spokesperson reportedly said, “It’s true that we’re holding talks with Adidas but we’re not yet in the development stage.  We’re trying to confirm where the specification of the Adidas phone released on the Internet came from.”


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