“PC games not dead yet” – Nvidia

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“PC games not dead yet” – Nvidia

Santa Clara (CA) – Sharper monitors and special versions of games will reinvigorate PC gaming, according to Nvidia representatives.  These days it seems that millions of gamers have switched to playing games on their game consoles, but Roy Taylor, Nvidia’s Vice President of Content Relations, recently told us that PC games aren’t dead by a “longshot”.

Taylor predicts that the next big jump in computer monitor resolutions will be screens with 3800 by 2400 pixel or approximately nine megapixels.  “They’ll need to be at most 30-inches wide with a finer dot pitch,” he said, adding that larger monitors would probably break an average desk.

Of course those monitors will be expensive at first and the refresh rate probably won’t be that great, but just like all technology they will get faster and cheaper.  Manufacturing LCD screens is similar economically to making DRAM because the columns of pixels in a monitor screen resemble the rows of memory cells in your typical DRAM chip.  

According to Taylor, economies of scale and efficiency take over and large computer monitors should become affordable – something that we’ve seen in memory capacities and prices.

It’s obvious that without better games, sharper monitors and more powerful graphics cards would be useless.  Taylor told us that he would like game developers to make director’s cut versions – with more scenes, levels and better graphics – of popular games.  He adds that every bit of eye candy would be added, even if it was impossible to render smoothly on a regular machine.

Developers often want to make the best possible game, but business realities mean that games must often be scaled-down graphically to work on many machines.  “I would like a version of the game that doesn’t pander to the businessmen.  Something with the very very best in graphics,” Taylor said, adding that if it takes a $20,000 PC to run the game, “then so be it”.

Taylor told us that he’s already talked to several developers who have been receptive to the director’s cut idea.